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Personal Injury Law

At this time, we handle only very selected personal injury cases. Please see our Civil Rights and Employment Law Services page for information on our primary practice area of Civil Rights and Employment Law Litigation on Behalf of Plaintiffs, Victims and Employees.

Common Types of Personal Injury Law

  • Automobile Accidents (only significant injury cases or those for current clients will be accepted)
  • Slip and Fall Accidents (we no longer accept slip and fall cases)
  • Products Liability Injuries (we do not accept product liability cases)
  • Medical or Other Malpractice (we do not accept malpractice cases)

Information On Personal Injury Law

 Locate Books About Personal Injury Law

Important Information if You Are Injured

Attempt to make a Police Report at the scene of the accident.  Take pictures of the injuries to persons and damage to vehicles and other property.  (Carry a disposable camera at all times in your automobile.)  Do NOT give a "Statement" to the other party's insurance company, except under the advice of an attorney.